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Little Red Riding Hoods

One summer day they left their house and they went to buy some fruit and vegetables for their aunt. When they bought everything they wanted they came in their aunt's house. But...

by Milica and Kaca

Once upon a time, at the edge of a big forest, a little girl and a small girl lived alone. They often were bored, so they decided to visit their family. At first, they decided to visit their sick aunt.

On the way to their aunt's house, the little girl saw 'A Dragon's kingdom'. She was very worried and she wondered what to do, how to keep out of the way of the dragon. But, they didn't have enough time to escape, so they had to remain cool.

When the Dragon heared two little girls, he was very surprised. He came to meet them. At first, he asked her for their names and after that, he asked them where they were going. They knew they had to give answer if they wanted to survive. Because of that they answered him nicely. They said: ”We are going to our aunt's house. She is sick and very lonely, so we want to visit and help her. She lives on the other side of the forest, but we don't know exactly where. Can you help us?” They made a huge mistake, but they couldn't find the way to the beginning of the road. He immediately answered them: “Yes, of course, dear girls. Do you want me to show you the way?” “If you have time for us”, they answered. “I always have free time for cute girls”.

And that was the main reason of their trouble. They didn't think who they asked for help, so they had to bear a consequence. He gave them a wrong direction, and caught them in a trap. He took them to his castle and kept them locked for a long time. They were so frightened and they wanted to escape quickly.

After one week, when the Dragon was sleeping, they tried to escape. They stole his key, and they finally escaped. They knew they were lost, but they wanted to find the right way to come back. The girls had many adventures while they were escaping from the evil dragon's kingdom, but in the end, they met a prince on a white horse and talked to him about everything what happened. He helped them to find the right way to the aunt's house at the end of the forest, and one of the girls fell in love with him.They invited the prince to the aunt's house, for a lunch. After that , they became friends and live happily ever after.

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