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The Princess and the Pea


They wanted to know if the guy deserved her hand, so they gave him a test. He came to the castle and he spent a few nights in some strange,cold room,sleeping in a bed,which had a pea under it. After a few nights they called him and asked: „How did you sleep?“. He told them : „It was really cold and it was a little bit uncomfortable,but it does not matter,I can go with it.“ The parents were suprised,because they could not believe that some ordinary guy like him had sense to feel that something was happening during a sleep. They had to let them to get married. After a week,the prince and the princess got marry and they lived happily ever after.

Many people were comming all the time in the kingdom in order to find a job and make their life easier. Also a guy who had finished a college came there to find a job. He was handsome, confident, but also friendly and honest person. One day when the princess was walking in the park near a castle she saw him. After that they met each other many times and they started to talk, spend some time together and finally fell in love with each other. Then he said to her : „I want to marry you“,but there was a problem. Her parents were angry and they told her: „You are not allowed to do that!“. She did not want to listen them and she stopped talking.They decided to give the princess a chance so they made a plan..

Once upon a time,far,far away,in a beautiful kingdom,there lived a princess with her Royal family.She was very pretty and smart girl and she had an amazing life,but she was not in love. Her parents said: „We want to marry you to a prince from the nearest kingdom in order to continue our tradition.“ She did not want that,because all her life she dreamt to find someone on her own. When her parents started planning the wedding something happened.

by Nikola & Jovana

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