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''I'll kill you both!!!''

They couldn't run away from him. They weren't fast enough. In the end giant killed Jack unmercifully. They live like this few days and she couldn't take it anymore. She mourn Jack and died in pain.The evil giants were waiting for another victim!

Jack & the Beanstalk by Kristina & Teodora

Recently, one young boy named Jack lived in small wooden cottage in a forest near a lake. His parents died and he was very lonely, he was hanging out just with animals. One day he walked trying to find his little friend, bear Baloo, and suddenly he saw a big beanstalk, and he wondered what was on the top of this beanstalk, because he didn't see anything like that before. So, he started to climbing up it and after a long time he was finally on the top of beanstalk, and he had an amazing view.

There was a big castle, he was so curious that he started walking around the castle hoping to see somebody there. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful young lady sitting on the rock. She has long blonde hair and big blue eyes with beautiful smile on her face. There he was starring at her thinking how wonderful she was. She noticed him and she thought how he was handsome. That was love at the first sight! But, there was a big problem. They started to talk, the name of the girl was Janny. She told him her story about how she got there, in this beautiful castle. She found the beanstalk like him, climbed up and met the giants who lived in the castle. One giant had fallen in love with her and she had to live with him, actually to be like a slave to him. She couldn't run away, if she tried to, the giant would kill her! Nevertheless after this conversation, Jack couldn't resist, so he kissed her. They both were very happy, and suddenly the ground started shaking, leaves were falling around them, and thunder scared them, but actually that wasn't thunder, it was the giant's voice, who saw them kissing. He was very angry and he started chasing Jack and Janny.

''I love you.''.

''I~m not looking for answer but dear God why did you choose him?''

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