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The Salton Sea By Suzanne Lindell

The Salton Sea Food Chain Nurients feed Phytoplankton and alage, the Phytoplankton feed the worms and Zooplankton, the worms and Zooplankton feed the fish and the fish feed the birds. If anything in this food chain dies, the entire chain dies. That is why we need to protect the wildlife of the Salton Sea.

Salt The water crisis has a very negative impact on the saltiness of the sea. When less water flows into the sea, the water levels drop as a result of evaporation. The salt stays behind, causing the water to be too salty for most fish. Very few species of fish remain. If this continues, which scientists predict it will, all the fish will die and the birds will starve.

The Salton Basin The early settlers of California discovered the Salton Basin's soil, which was fertile and perfect to farm in. Their only problem was that they did not have any water to water their crops! They decided to dig irrigation canals from the nearby Colorado River to the basin. One winter, they had heavy rain, which resulted in the flooding of the Colorado River. The irrigation canals flooded into the basin. Finally, in February 1907, people fixed the canals,returning the Colorado River to it's previous course. By then, a body of water 50 miles long, 15 miles wide, and 70 feet deep had formed where the Salton Basin had been, creating the Salton Sea.

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Why save the sea? If we allow the sea to dry up, all the amazing wildlife of the sea will vanish. People will suffer as well as the wildlife. About 134 square miles of salty, dusty, and maybe even polluted lakebed will be exposed to strong desert wind. This dust could ruin nearby crops. It might also be bad to breathe. The Salton Sea should be preserved forever. It is important to the Californian ecosystem.

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