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were its at

book by: Trish Marx

glog BY:mardann

the book everglades for ever is interesting and adventureas book that tells kids more about the everglades and how importan they really are for example the book tells what each habitat is and how wild life uses it like in the tree roots in the shalow water were the fish young such as aligator babys and others fish so basicley the roots are a nursery for baby animals to hide and grow.some of the things that the group did was the group went in to the everglades and learnd more about the everglades and played were a dry spot is now it is dry so they ran around and played and some just layed teir and looked at the sky.

Title:Everglades forever

Marjory stoneman douglas detacated her life to the everglades and lived to pretect them now the everglades is a wounderful place for people and animals.Sadlley she died in her house in cocunut grove.

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