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Riding with the Camel Corps

Setting: 1850s

Roy henry waited on the dock to see the of beasts were on the ship. Roy dreamed that he would join the Camel Corps. Ever since his father left for Fort Defiance his mom has been strict. Roy was accustomed to working with animals. He had been around animals since he was a baby. At first the camels behaved in an ordderly manner. But the moment the hooves hit the dirt they were crazy. They kicked screeched, kicked, and lunged. Roy thought he cxould show the captain his way with animals. The camel spit right on his face. Captain Marsh asked Roy to build a fence. The wood supply was low so he used cacti. The next morning the cacti was half eaten! Captain Marsh explained how camels can eat through almost anything. A week later they were going to start the journey. Roy told the captain he could ride ahead and clear the road. If camels see horses they get spooked and the other way around. Later that day Roy's mother was talking to Captain Marsh. Roy got to join the Camel Corps. Roy would ride to Fort Defiance to be with his papa.

Book by: Jennifer Liss Glog by: Taylor

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