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In his 1990 book, John Willinsky describes classrooms that are driven not by textbooks and teacher talk, but instead by inquiry and student choice - a "new" literacy that wasn't dependent on students regurgitating "right" answers. -Vacca, Vacca and Mraz (2011)

Using Web 2.0 is not about "keeping up with kids' technology."

OTHER ALTERNATIVE WRITING EXERCISES create a text message conversation between two characters keep an online journal with at least 3 observations each day of things that might be later used in writing find your favorite author's website and compose a tweet about his or her writing process

TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT 1. Using Nothing But the Truth by Avi, draw a picture of the main character. 2. Write a description of that character. Use as many details as you can. 3. Scan in your picture, attach it and your description in an email with a two to three sentence note about what this person is the main character,

knowing vs learning

how to use technology to spur inquiry?

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