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FUN FACT!!!!!!!!!! Baby turtles often get eaten by predators on there way back to the ocean.

Interrupted Journey Saving Endangered Sea Turtles! BY: Kathryn Lasky

FUN FACT!!!!!!! All reptiles have back bones and turtles are reptile so they have back bones.

Chapter 1 stranded A turtle is dying in the ocean by cold water but a boy finds him and he does not know if he or she is dead or not.

Chapter 2 Emergency!! The kid brings the turtle to a wildlife sanctuary and figures out whats wrong with it there. First they take it's temp. and it's temp. is 50% the regular is 75%. Then they take a blood sample after that they found out that the blood was good and that it was alive.

Chapter 3 release!!! After they figured out it was alive they brout it to Flordia were the water was warm and hoped it didn't go to colder waters!!!

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