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Library Class

Monday: 2nd Grade Tuesday : 3rd Wednesday: K & 6th Thursday: 5th Friday: 1st & 4th



2nd/3rd: Amelia Bedelia Flip Books of homonyms

Kindergarten: Centers! 1)checkout 2)iPad story 3)find the letter 4)animals/letters group

4th: Continue "Dewey" and begin Dewey Decimal System

6th: watch "just right" video, share new books, and begin Dewey Decimal cartoon project

5th: Continue reading "My Life as a Book" and begin cartoon projects with Dewey Decimals

1st: Centers! 1)mini-book 2)just right book video 3)mini-book buddies 4)bookmarks

Coming Up....

Books are Fun! Sept 20 Book Fair Starts Dec. 5

Contact Info: Mrs. Carol Nelson (620) 241-2994 or (620) 480-9065

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