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Rachel's Journal The story of a pioneer girl

May 10,1850 Pa says we will take the Orgon trail. It is relly hot and dusty on the trail. So we found cut-offs. They are paths that go off the trail. They are in the shade and by the river.

We were walking on the cut-offs, when we heard a sound in the bushes?. And it was a ox eating some food.

Then when we reach the trail are wagon is uot of sight. So I climb a hill and I see camp fires. We get back safely. But now we are only allowed to use cut-offs in the morning.

When we were at the cut-off we meat a Indian and he asked us if we were ok.When we got back we told our parents and they said we were not allowed to go on the cut-off anymore.

It has been raining for a long time. The rain has soaked all are stuff. We will reach the goverment ferry soon .

We had to cross the river on are wagons and use oars. It was hard to keep from tipping. We made it.We had trouble getting the cattle over but, we got it over.

Today a heard of buffalo was coming. We thought they were going to hit us but they fust went right past. I wanted to watch but mom told me to stand back.

Glogster by Danica and Emily.

Book By : Marissa Moss

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