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Apple Cider Video

Local History

Blakesmith video

Apple Cider: Crank and crush. This is how you make apple cider. From there you twist this thing that presses the apples and turns them into juice. Then you heat up the apple cider to kill the germs.

Trees: The trees helped the settlers when they came because they would make coffee out of the trees.

Wagon: The wagon wheels had to be greased an you would have to grease them over agian every 2 days. The wagon had a box on the left side to carry their tools and even their food. To stop the hosrses and the wagon, they would put wood in the back wheels. When they were traveling, the wagon was often so heavy that some of the kids would have to walk beside it becasue it was too heavy if they rode in it.

Peg Barn: When the people were making these peg barns, besides using nails, they would use wooden pegs.

Cream: They would take the dairy milk and seperate the milk into skim milk and cream.

Sod House: When the settlers came, they had to travel a long way and it was to heavy to take wood with them and there wasn't many trees around on the prairie. Plus the wagon was usaully so heavy as it was, that some of the kids would have to walk. When they got to their destination, they would take apart their wagon to use the wood. The huts were often built in the side of hills. They had no windows and no light, so if they wanted light they would have to light a lamp but they had to be careful because if the hut caught on fire, it would burn fast.

One Room School House ~built every 2 miles ~everybody had to walk ~usaully had school in July and baecause they had to help work ~younger kids had an advantage whent eh teacher would talk to the older kids

Black Smith: They would heat up the metal in a fire and when it got really hot, they would constantly bang on the metal with a hammer until the metal took the shape that they wanted it to take. After they got the right shape, they would put the medal in bucket of water to cool it off.

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