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Harvest Festival

Apple Cider

One Room School House It was built in 1928, and every 2 miles was a school so kids wouldn't have to walk as far.

Peg Barn It was held together by pegs.

Sod House

Heat up metal and bend it to what you would like to make.


Iowa Trees The Kentucky coffee tree was used for coffee even though it isn't used for coffee now.

The Outhouse

They make cream and milk from what they get from a dairy.

Cream and Milk

The sod house was made out of mostly grass, weeds, twigs, and dirt. I was very small and when the sun went down you went to bed because, you couldn't really have any electricity in the home otherwise it might start on fire.

They didn't have electricity back then so they used the outhouse, outside everytime they had to use the bathroom.

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