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Pioneer History

Blacksmithing In blacksmishing they put metal in a really hot fire till it turnes red. Then they take it out with a big pliers. After that they take a hammer and flatten it or bend it.

Pressing Apple Cider First you put the apples into a grinder and turn the crank and it crushes the apples. After that you take a big piece of wood and use a crank to turn it down untill juice comes out

One-Room School Houses They had these schools every two miles so the kids don't have to walk more than a mile. Most of the schools were build 1928.

Sod Home There were alot of sod homes in the 1870's. They would usually have a stove and about 3 ft walls of sod.

Rope Making First you take strings then put them in a machine. Then you turn the cranck on the machine and it makes the strings coem to one.

Peg Barn To make a peg bar you need lots of wood. To make th e wood go together you have to cut notches in it so it fits together. Then you drill holes were the wood is and pound a peg into it.

Iowa Native Trees There are a lot of trees. The settler used them to make coffee and some food.

Pottery Pottery is a very fun acivity. You can make big pots and little pots. You can make the pots taller by pulling up. You can also make them snikky on the bottem and wide on the top.

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