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Learning about history

Blacksmithing In the old days they had blacksmiths which made armor, hoarse shoes, and other metal things. First they heat the metal and when it is red hot they pull it out and and hit it with a hammer to bend it. Then they do the same thing over and over till they get it were they want it. This picture shows a blacksmith forming metal

Rope making To make rope first you have to put strings on this special machine then you turn the crank and it makes the strings into one. Click to see a video of people making rope.

A peg barn A peg barn is a barn that is made all out of wood. Instead of nails they used pegs to hold the wood together

pressing apple cider The first thing you have to do is crush the apples up into small pieces and then you put a wodden piece of wood. You then press the apples untill you get all the juices out and they run into a bucket

one room school house The one room school house was built in 1928 and there was a school house every 2 miles so people in the country did not have to go vey far.

potery To make a pot first you need to get some clay. Then you need to make sure to keep it wet. There is a tool called a rib to make grooves into a pot. Click on this to watch a video of someone makeing a pot.

trees of our area There are many trees in Iowa and the Pioneers used them to make houses and other things such as a covered wagon and other buildings they need.

Sod home A sod home is completely made up of sod and has supports on the roof thatare made of wood. They were very small and famleis had to cram many people ito one house. Inside it is very dark and if it catches fire it burns very fast.

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