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The War Chronicles

December 2011

Special 5 Decade Edition

How To Make A Perfect Vietnam Lunch: Throw some stakes on the barque and have some rations for desert. You can have an authintic Nam Super from these 5 dishes easy to cook dishes.

Was this War because of France owned part of Vietnam and couldn't handle war so they left it for us or was it communism and President Eisenhower didn't want it coming to America. We take a look at the facts.

Colin Powell wants know where you are france.

How to Hide From Your Annoying Neighbors

Men Wanted It We Brought It-How To Get The Best Workout of Your Life-Army Style

Are Video Games an accurate dipiction on Vietnam

Rosie Huntington Gives her take on if women should be able to fight on the front lines and should they been able to in Vietnam.,r:14,s:30&biw=1525&bih=719

We Get AV.I.P Look Inside The Trump Tower by Donald Trump Himself. 30 Tips To Successful Lifes- Exculsive Intreview

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