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A Vist to Grandmothers

Maya James 2nd Period

By: William Melvin Kelley

Theme A Visit to Grandmother's central theme is that family is the most important thing in life and you should cherish the people in your life who truly care about you .

Conflict- Charles faces Internal Conflict because he hides his anger towards his mother for 30 years. When Charles tells Grandmother how he feels , she tries to appologize but , Charles storms off from the dinner table and says " you're 30 years too late " .

Setting . New York City and the American South during The 1940's.

Protagonist - Charles , the kind doctor who felt neglected by his mother as a child because he believes she spends more time and loves GL more than him . Antagonist - Grandmother appearing to spending more time with GL and not Charles . Although she did not try to neglect Charles , he thought she loved GL because he was ligh skinned and had "better hair" then him .

Characters Ching - Courious son of Charles who suspects tension between his father and grandmother. Charles- Kind hearted doctor who feels unloved by his mother because of her favoritism toward his younger brother GL. Grandmother - Sweet and Loving mother of GL and Charles . GL- A Don Juan , Conman , Smooth talker , and brother of Charles . Despite all of his negitive quailies , his older brother Charles envies him because of the attention he recieved as a child from their mother.

Plot Summary Charles and Ching go to see Grandmother at the family reunion after 30 years. Once they greet the family , Charles grimices at kissing his mother on the cheek.Grandmother tells a story to the family about when GL traded an old chair for horse and he convinced her to go riding with him.Charles dosn't find the story amusing and says , "...if i'd done it , you would have beaten me good for it." Charles tells Grandmother how he feels she always chooses GL over him. She tries to appologize but Charles replies , " Mom you are 30 years too late ".

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