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Quick tips on how to write a paragraph showing your opinion.

Before writing: - Take a stand on the proposed topic. - Think about your opinion about it. - Decide if you agree or disagree. Ready to write? OK, organise the paragraph: - Introduction: a topic sentence stating whether you agree or disagree. - Body: reasons and supporting details, examples, evidence that show your opinion. - Ending: a concluding sentence that summarises the main reasons or that restates the topic sentence in other words.

Useful expressions when writing an opinion paragraph: For the introduction: - I agree/disagree that ... - I agree/disagree with ... for ... - I am for/against the idea that ... - There are several reasons why I ... For the body: - First/Second/Third ... - The first/second/third ... reason why I ... - Another reason is ... - Besides/Moreover/Furthermore - I (strongly) believe ... - I am convinced/certain that ... - From my point of view ... - In my viewpoint ... - It seems to me that ... For the conclusion: - In conclusion ... - In short ... - To sum up ... - To put it in a nutshell ...

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