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Hemingway Bio Poem

M. Cook yourself

A lover of the female and loved by them in return, but never able to allow himself the happiness of a lifetime of singular intimacy.

"It just wont come anymore" From Florida to Cuba Smattered with the excitement of world travel he brought timeless stories of a man's struggles to the world. A man's man mixed with the jealousy of a lover unable to fathom the arms of someone else embracing his everything: that which he lives for. The greatest of his time in his own eyes led to the delusions of never gaining what others have achieved.

Life cut short by the owner's hand the inability to cope a genetic disorder like a giant saw lopping off limbs of the family tree. The strength to rescue others while ignoring the pain of self unable to summon the courage to save himself Left alone to his ultimate demise with seemingly no choice but to allow the pen to dry the paper to disappear and the words to forever be left unsaid.

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