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Are You Connected?

Why Teachers & Students Need A PLN

Connect with Blogs! Share your experiences and reflections with others by blogging and comment on other blogs!

Connect on Twitter! Tweet ideas, interesting articles, or links to resources! Participate in Twitter chats to share ideas!

Stay Connected with an RSS Reader! Use Google Reader to keep up with education news and favorite blogs!

Connect with Colleagues on a Ning! Use social networking to collaborate within your own school or district!

Connect with Students on Edmodo! This safe environment is a great place to communicate with students!

Connect with Other Classrooms via Skype! Learn with students across the street or across the globe using Skype video chats!

Connect with Writing! Share digital stories with Storybirds or Little Bird Tales and watch the excitement as students get valuable feedback!

Connect with Creativity! Glogster - Where kids can create and publish posters with images, links, videos, and more!

Connect with Voice! Give your students' work voice - their own - by uploading images and letting students narrate themselves on VoiceThread.

Connect Student Work! Use a wiki to bring the work of individuals together to create a comprehensive product!

Connect Your Favorites! Teachers and students can use social bookmarking such as Diigo to share and find resources!

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