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Clementine's Letter

Clementine's teacher, Mr. D'Matz, has a special interest in ancient Egypt. Click on the top swirly to learn about ancient Egypt. Click on the lower swirly to see what it is like today.

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Clementine is a girl who has many gifts. Her gifts were her abilities to do things that most people could not do or would never even have thought of doing. Use this link to identify four of Clementine's gifts from the story. A sample is shown below.

Clementine has to follow rules during the book. Sometimes, by following one person's rules, she ends up breaking someone else's. This ends up with Causes and Effects within the story. Use this link to create a cause and effect web based on parts of the story.

Clementine is not real fond of her name. Here in Texas, we call the clementine orange a "cutie." Click here to make a video where "Clementine" presents an MVP award. You may use my email address to create your video.

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