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Dance with me science

Motion: Dancing has a lot of motion, Dancing basiclly is motion. Motion is the changing position over a period of time. Well dancing is all about that. In dancing you move you feet, arms, hands, and sometimes head. Suppose you are in a cheerleading routine obviously your moving your feet but think about your arm and hand motions. Are you clapping your hands or moving your arms to go with the music?

Speed: If you want to see speed in a dance then you might want to look at hip-hop. Hip-hop music most of the time goes fast so you speed in the routine would be really fast. Speed is the rate at hich an object is moving. You really got to move your feet fast to keep the beat of a hip-hop dance routine or else you'll be really off in your movement.

Velocity: Again picture yourself in a cheerleading routine. Your doing your last dance move before you have to get into your mount group. Well theres only one way to do that...MOVE! Not only do you need velocity in cheer you also need it in anyother dance. 9 out of 10 times you will need to move to another place in your routine.

Gravity: As your doing your dance routine some of the moves deal with you moving side to side, or up and down obviously you have gravity pushing down on you! Say your move is you do a jump in the air, gravity is pulling you down back to the ground.

Acceleration: You will have a lot of acceleration depending on the type of music. With Pop and Hip-Hop you might hit some parts where you need to slow down on your speed. You might be going really fast at one part of the song then to keep with the beat you'll need to slow down.

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