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Oil Spills

Bird in Oil

Oil Tanker

Oil Underground

Oil Platform

Positives for using oil: Used as gas to heat homes and run cars. Oil is also used as a fuel for burners to using cook food on and used in food. Negatives for oil: If oil spills or leaks it can cause damage on beaches and can kill animals if they eat it. Also, if oil gets on an animals skin or fur it can effect their swimming, flying, vision, and waking.

Technology used for cleaning: Containment domes, robots to stop the leak, fill the pipe with cement, booms, skimmers, nano sand, sorbent, dispersant,and sponges to suck up the oil. Effects oil has on the world: Oil powers homes, cars ,and is used in and for cooking. Oil can harm animals and beaches if it leaks or spills into water or even on land.

What can cause an oil spill?: If bubbles occur when we draw out oil as the volume decreases the pressure decreases causing large bubbles to form. Sometimes they pop and can cause large problemes like leaking. WHer can oil occur?: On a platform, drilling rig, wells, or on a tanker.

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