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Little Laughs

Holding Love






Face down in the fresh green lawn I start to hear the little lilting laughs. My cheeks get red and my forehead hot, Because, boy, I really hate it a lot. Why must people see others fall And rather than sympathy they have the gall To laugh at another person's misfortune? I'd rather have a helping hand, A pat on the back and a knowing nod, Than have to hear the little lilting laughs That sting and gouge and make me real mad.

Lurking Teeth One can never see Lurking teeth under one's feet While ocean surfing

The voices in my head are mine alone This constant conversation never ends My heart's desire the voices won't condone They say we can't be lovers, only friends But what I feel inside I can't deny It's clear as day to me we both agree That holding love inside will make us cry I wish we had a chance to set it free

It's not enough to keep our secret dead To pretend nothing happened drives me mad I want to tell the world our tale instead Because your love's the best I ever had The voices cry out when I call your name They tell me life will never be the same

Cell Phone Driver Oh, cell phone driver, You do not see me coming. Give God my regards.

Santa Ana Fresh blast of warm air Comes down from the east mountains Santa Ana winds

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