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Choose 3 of the 4 topics below: familia actividades viajar comida

INTERPERSONAL: See paperclip.

INTERPRETIVE: Hay dos cordilleras en los Andes. La cordillera en el oeste tiene nieve y lagos. La cordillera en el este es rido y tiene el viento. Las climas de el oste y el este son diferentes. Llueve mucho en los Andes. Nieve mas cuando el altitud es mayor. La vista es muy bella!


Once you have chosen your topics, you will choose a different mode of communication for each: interpersonal, interpretive, or presentational. You will create 3 different pieces, at least 1 of which must be spoken, and 1 of which must be written (but you choose which).

This year in spanish, I leaned basic vocabulary and about hispanic countries when we researched them. It was somewhat helpful to do videos and voicethreads but I wish that we had spent less time with technology.

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