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kaitlyn meador

Math 31 Trigonomerty Test!

At time 0.2s how fast is the angle (T) changing as the wood slides down the wall? total time= 0.5s distance wood is up the wall= 0.787m (y) opposite distance wood is from the wall=0.343m (x) adjacent length of wood= 0.862m hypotenuse

1. velocity of y= distance/time = 0.787m/0.5s dy/dt= 1.574

2. sin (T)= opposite/hypotenuse sin (T)= y/0.862 cos(T)(dT/dt)=(0.862dy/dt)/(0.862)^2 cos(T)(dT/dt)=(dy/dt)/0.862 (0.721/0.862)(dT/dt)=1.574/0.862 dT/dt=1.826/0.837 dT/dt=2.18 radians/second

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