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Be Happy!!:) Be Bully Free!:)

The steps that I've been talking about.

Step 1: Talk to others about bullying and try to make them get into the idea with you. Step 2: Help the people who are bullied already. Step 3: Make it active!

If you like it or not there are people out in the world that like to bully. Maybe one day they'll land on you! I hope not! That's why these steps will help you.

"Even if it costs a friend or two, stand up for who you are!" That's the importance of bully-prevention week at your school or neighborhood. Wether your the only one celebrating or not, just plainly.....celebrate! Would you like to be bullied or picked on, just because of your size? No! Right?!

Well then get off your chair and do what you were meant to do!

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