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sleep wile floting

babys are at least 17 inches long

thay can live up too 100 years old and thay can have about 20 babys

butty they are

i love sea otters heres what they eat they eat carnivore shellfish sae opatic cards sqid octopuse fish

lives in the pacific ocean

eats carnivore,shellfish,fish

they eat carnivore,shellfish,seaoqotics,crabs,sqids,octopuse,fish the continets is pacific ocean,nowe they can live and groups ir alown

thers a lot to say about theys butifale pritty nice sea otters they are good four pets but if i were you i would not get one because you mite need a 110 foot long tank you dont want them to be in a little tank and pluss a 110 foot long tank dont even egsest

sea otters rock

poster yourself

poster yourself

s ee veary good e at shellfish a ll fish o ctopuse t o foat will sleeping t o float e r

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