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Environmental Careers

Natural Resource Defense C

Environmental Careers website

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Green Careers


Green Jobs are a great way to encourage people to be stewards of the earth! Green jobs focus on using renewable resources for energy, like electricity and from everything to sustainable clothing design to how to be a sustainable farmer.

Steward - one who protects Sustainable - means able to be supported or maintained

Your Tasks: 1. Choose a green job from the list of links 2. Research the job following the list of items we brainstormed 3. Write down the information as you research 4. After you have found all of your research, create a powerpoint about your green job to share with classmates.

- What do they do at their job? - Are they in danger at their job? - What is their job like? - How many years of school do they need? What type of degree do they need? - What is the pay or income? - Do they do anything for the community? - What are their job hours? - How many people have this job right now? _ Will this job be useful in the future?

Links to green job videos!

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