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Food for Thought

Name Collage

Think Big


Google Doodle

Restored Photo



On this project I used different types of foods to create an outdoors scene. with a path and water and lots of plants. I did this by taking different pictures from the Internet and blending them together. I used effects to create shadows and glows and overall blend the image together.

For the Google Doodle project, I made a Google logo like the one on the website that changes everyday. The theme was "something you would like to do someday." I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. I used tools in Photoshop to change the letters of Google to be things related to swimming with dolphins.

This project was a name collage. I chose a background and then wrote my name in a font that was bold. I then chose images off of the Internet and placed them inside of the letters by creating a clipping mask. My name collage included things i enjoy and like to do for fun.

In the Think Big project, I had to use objects with a general theme that would usually be smaller than me and make myself appear larger. I used a dog, frisbee, dog bowl, and dog bone. Using layer masks and blending, I made myself look like I was petting the dog, standing in his bowl while holding his bone, and flying away on his frisbee.

In the restored photo project, I was given an old photo that needed repairing. The edges were a faded brown color and there was a large ring around the people. I used the healing brush and spot healing tools to fix minor changes and blend the image together and look like there were no damages on the photo. I also made the photo a black and white color.

For the screencast project, I created a tutorial on how to use the clone stamp tool. I used a website provided to film my screen as I talked with a microphone about what I was doing. I explained how to take unwanted things out of photos to make it look like nothing was there in the first place.

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