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Experimental Design Product

By: TC Monaco

Experiment Set-Up

Hypothesis I believe that the plant under the clear growth light bulb and the red light bulb will grow more because that plant will get more light than the plant with just one light bulb.

Procedure Day 1: Set Up Get two Marigolds and put them in pot. Add neccesary soil and water Take measurement of flowers height and record results Put clear "growth" light-bulb over one of the marigolds, and clear "growth" light-bulb with red light bulb over other Leave flowers in room Day 5 Get your flowers Measure the heights and record them in your data table Add water if neccesary Day 7 Repeat day 5 steps Day 9 Repeat day 5 steps Day 13 Repeat Day 5 steps Day !5: Finish and Clean Up Get flowers and take measurements. Record results Turn lights off and put them away. Dump soil outside. Put pot away.

Variables Manipulated: Type of light Responding: Height of plant Controlled: Type of flowers we use, amount of water and soil, where the plants are kept

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