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Andean flamingos are tall And weight 8.75lbs4c4 kgs Dad flamingos is taller then the womens Eat larval pupal brineshrimp No flamingos travel alone their travel in groups Flamingos all live in groups Larval is on of the of the things they eat And they run after the people in hit them with their mouth on top of their head with their beat M And the travel in packs they are nice to another animals mammals are some thin who lay eggs or drink milk from is mommy flamingos is not mammals. Interesting facts flamingos put there head underwater in scoop backward with the heade upside down to eat flamingos come in all sizes short tall young in old. no flamingos fight either or another animals. groups of flamingos is harmes less the all attact people. old flamings take care of their young they make sure their young is sake have food in water to eat in to drink.

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