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EARLY HUMAN BEINGS -Australopithecus, these appeared five million years ago. They were similar to chimpanzees and they walked on two feet. -Homo Habilis, the were from two million years ago.Their brain was bigger, the made stone tools and lived from hunting and gathering. -Homo Erectus, these appeared one and a half million years ago. They walked upright, this was the first species that was not from Africa and they dicovered fire.

Prehistory extends from the appearance of our first ancestors ( five million years ago ) to the invention of writing ( 5,000 years ago ) . Prehistory is divided into three periods:

The Palaeolithic Age It started from the appearance of our first ancestors to about 11,000 years ago. In this period humans lived from hunting,fishing and gathering.They dicovered fire. They were nomadic.They lived in small tribes. They also believed in supernatural forces and they buried the dead. They started decorating caves with paintings.

The Neolithic Age It began 11,000 years ago. They started to live in villages. They learned how to domesticate animals and cultivate plants. They discover the agriculture. They became sedentary. -They started using polished stone. -They started making textiles. -They invented pottery.

The Metal Ages It took place about 7,000 yars ago. In this period human beings began to make metal objects, they first used copper later bronze and finally iron to make tools, weapons and jewellery. They invented : -The wheel. -The sail. -The plough.

STONEHENGE The ruins at Stinehenge are the remains of a stone circle. The stones which form the coutside ircle were 25 tons each, the inside stones are evn bigger. It was built over 5,000 years ago. Most people think that it is connected to the cult of the Sun.

-Homo Antecessor, they were 800,000 years old.The oldest remains appeared in Atapuerca, Spain. -Neanderthals, they lived in Europe 150,000 years ago. They were stronger than we but shorter. They bury their dead and they were able to speak. -Homo Sapiens, they appeared 130,000 years ago. They were slimmer but taller than Neanderthals. They developed a complex language. They created art and they made finner tools.

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