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Images are a great way to liven up your projects and presentations, as well as grab your readers attention. However you can't just use any image, video or other material as you like because the law automatically grants "copyright" over any creative work a person makes. Therefore you'll need to use your own images or videos or use Creative Commons material.

Creative Commons (2001) provides a free content license (Creative Commons License) that people can use to apply to their creative work. When you license your work with CC licenses it is easier for people to share and adapt creative work without any concerns of infringing copyright. Videos, images, photographs, songs, websites and other visual and audio work can be creative commons licensed.

Why Creative Commons?

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What is

Creative Commons?

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Tags:cc, creativecommons, mashup, contentlicensing


Tags:cc, creativecommons, mashup, contentlicensing

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