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Francisco Vasquez de Coranado


He married a wealthy woman and had 8 children.

About Francisco Francisco was born in Spain so he was nationally Spanish. He lived from 1510 -1554. He was a nobleman by birth, but his brother inherited most ofhis parents wealth. He was very well eduacated. He had 8 children. After he was found guilty of crimes and removed from office he worked as a minor in New Mexico.

The Adventure Spain's rulers gained power from owning land in Mexico and South America. So, they wanted more land in North America. On this expedition he led 340 Spanish, 300 Indians, 1000 horses, 1000 slaves, and six swivel guns. When Fransisco heard about the Seven Cities of Gold and how Viceroy Antonio de Niza had been there he went out looking for Viceroy.He ended up tricking Coronado into looking for them. He had no luck so he murdered Viceroy.

Spain supported Fransisco. His motive was gold, but he provided information for maps.

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