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Sputnik I

Abbie M.

Vindhyaa P.

FUN FACT In Russian , Sputnik means ''satellite.''

WHO? The Russians invented Sputnik I. The team who built Sputnik together, the Soviet Union, was headed by Sergei Korolev. The chief constructor of Sputnik was M.S. Khomyakov.

What? Sputnik one is an artificial satellite. It was the FIRST artificial satellite luanched in space.

How? Sputnik's parts helped get the mission done. The main part of Sputnik, the ''ball,'' sometimes called the ''orb,'' was made to store items inside. The other parts, ''antenna,'' kept balance, little needed, and worked like radio antennas that retrieved and sent signals.

Why? Sputnik was created for space exploration.It became the solution for winning the U.S.R.R. and was meant to do multiple orbits..

When? The Soviet Union launched Sputnik on October 4, 1957 and the orbital period took 96..2 minutes.

Where? Sputnik was launched in Russia.From Kazakhstan.. (a country of west -central Asis ,South or russia)

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