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Make the most of your Glogster portfolio

*Only Arial (latin all) works with accents.

Use video to enhance your glog.

ADDING TEXT: Titles: use these for shorter headings Stickers (or bubbles): better for longer descriptions

Glogster's graphics are a good way to draw attention to something or to add to the design of your glog...but don't go overboard, especially not with animated graphics!

When you click Edit on a text graphic, you can change the words, the graphic color, the font size & color, and you can add links & shadow effects.

You will be creating at least 1 glog for each of your classes to demonstrate what you have learned. You may create multiple glogs for 1 class, or keep adding to 1 glog each quarter for another class. All of your glogs will be collected into 1 portfolio so your parents can view and comment on them each quarter.

AUDIO TIPS: 1. Record w/ a good mic. 2. Script what you want to say before recording. 3. Give credit when using someone else's audio. 4. Only add audio that will help people explain, not just random music. 5. Auto-start will scare people.

To add files (documents, powerpoints, etc.), use the paperclip below and attach. It might be a good idea to take a screenshot of the document as a preview, because you won't be able to see the file without downloading it. Still, this is the way to go with longer texts like essays.

1. Type up your notes & add them as an attachment to your glog. 2. Scan or photograph notes, a test, a quiz, or another assignment & upload as an image. 3. "Grab" or create & upload a video or audio clip explaining something you learned. 4. Add links to more information on what you learned about.

You cannot copy & paste images, but you can save them & upload them. It's a good idea to link images you find to the source where you found them.

Your parents and/or guardians will need to comment on your glogs before you can receive your report cards. They can do this from home or the library before they come to pick up your report card, or they can comment right then and there on our school computers when they come on Parent Night!

Frames make video & images stand out!

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