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Mary Shelley: Frankenstein

This work to been more difficult and longer, since we have had to explain what happens in five images that summarize the book. Elena Garcia Fernandez 1BC

In this project we have done about the famous book by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein. The proyect consisted in to do a Work with five pictures, and under them, a brief summary, and generally remain the book summary. I like this proyect because the book is very entertaining and fascinating. Mary Shelley is a great author. Raquel Jiménez Martín 1ºBC

This work I found it more difficult than I expected and we had to read and summarize each chapter and explain in front of all see it mate but I found I liked it very entertaining. Luis Carlos Araúz Landivar 1BC

This work about Frankestein consisted of doing a work with five pictures and a brief summary about the book. With these pictures and this summary, we try to tell the history of the Mary Shelley’s book, Frankestein. In my opinion, this work hasn’t been very difficult because we already had the summaries of the book. I like this work because I found the Mary Shelley’s book very interesting. Clara López López 1ºBC

This work was fun, we had to find the images and to summarize. And it cost us a lot of work. Manuel Ferre Silva

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