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The work has not been very difficult, we have summarized a text to Spanish and then we it have then to the English. Elena Garcia Fernandez 1BC

In this work we have done about Shelley, he presents many arguments in favour of atheism. In the project, at first we have done a text in English, with pictures and the bibliography, and then we have translated the text into Spanish. Personally, I don’t like this project because it deals about a subject that I don’t understand and I find it hard understand it. Raquel Jiménez Martín 1 º BC

This work I found very difficult as we have helped among peers in every word I did not understand. Luis Carlos Araúz.1BC

In this work that we have done about Shelley, I have learnt that Shelley was in favor of atheism. We have written a text in English with pictures and later we have translated it into Spanish. It was difficult because there were some things that didn’t make sense but finally everything went OK. I also wrote Shelley’s biography and I have recorded it to post it. I haven’t had problems to write Shelley’s biography but I have had problems with the pronunciation. Clara López López 1ºBC

This work was quite difficult because it was philosophy. But we came out very well and we rely heavily on k WordReference. Manuel Ferre Silva 1BC

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