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King Cake Information!

History of King Cakes!

King Cakes were very popular in New Orleans. We always eat them on Mardi Gras Day! King Cakes represented the three colors: purple, green, and gold. Those were the colors that represented the three kings that came to visit Jesus when he was born. These colors were once on a flag in 1872. It was designed for the visiting Duke of Russia.Those kingcakes were brought here from the France. King cakes are shaped like crowns too. They were added with some Spanish customs. The little baby that you find in the cake means you are special and you supply the next king cake. Besides a baby in the king cake, they usually had a dried bean or a pea. That meant that person go to be treated with good luck! Hope you learned a lot about King Cakes! Enjoy my glog!

Let's Make a King Cake!

Click on me please . . . . for a Mardi Gras recipe and an article about King Cakes

Make a board game! Shaped like a King Cake!

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If you need an education on king cakes, you might as well click on me NOW!

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