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The Wednesday Wars

So far on Wednesdays...

Holling Hoodhood

Mrs.Baker(Holling's teacher)

Mrs.Hoodhood(Holling's mom)

Mr. Hoodhood.(Holling's dad)

By, Gary D. Schmidt

Project by, Lisbeth

This book is about a boy named Holling, 13, who is presbyterian. When all the other kids are at church on Wednesday afternoons he is stuck with a teacher who he thinks hates his guts.

He has taken down an 8th grader with a soccerball(on accident), he has to clean 30 chalkboard erasers, He has let two vicious rats out while trying to clean their cages, he has to clean his classroom, he's gotten chalkdust on about 60 creampuffs, and his teacher is making him read Shakespere.

He thinks all the things he's had to do are parts of Mrs.Baker's plan to destroy him. Holling has to put up with it because Mrs.Baker's family is building something. She might pick Hoodhood & Associates(his dad's company). So, he has to be good for her and not complain about what she does.