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Judy Blume Double Fudge


If you want to know more about Judy Blume, Click on the link below!!

All about Judy Blume

What I think about the Author I think the author is a funny girl to write books like Double Fudge or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I describe her as funny, creative, a good book writer and an awesome author!

What I think about the book I think the book is a funny book...well... I haven`t really read the whole book, but the book cover makes me laugh everytime! I think the author is an awesome author to write this book!

Some questions for Judy Blume that you all can look up on the website!! What year did you make your first book? How long have you been making books? What made you decide to make books?

What I have read so far... There is a boy named Fudge and he is five years old. He has a big brother named Peter.I doesn`t say how old Peter is. Peter has a little sister named Tootsie.She is 2 years old. So, onto Fudge. Fudge is addicted to money and he sings a song about money.So he made up his own Fudge Bucks and that`s all what I have read so far.