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text který se navhází v glogu

By: Corey and Logan


Georgia lives in central Pennsylvania. She began birding in 1991 under the teaching of her husband David.

Georgia earned an degree in english from the college Butler. She earned it from Butler, Pennsylvania. She later taught in adult education before returning to work in higher education as a editor.

This is Sammy, Claire's dog. Sammy is a black and white sheepdog. Claire found the chicken man and someone told Claire that he stole dogs so when Sammy ran away in the woods Claire thought the chicken man stole him because he was gone for over an hour.

Georgia Anne Butler is editing her second book in the trilogy Of the Wing, which follows Claire and her friend Victor through birding in the woodlands of Pennsylvania to the bayous of Arkansas.

The Legend Awakes is the first book was released in 2008. The Ivory-billed Obsession (book 2) is scheduled for release in May 2011. In October 2010.

Her husband David E. Butler died in 2005. Butler became a birder and came up with a story of a girl with an unusual ability to attract birds.

Butler began her career as a teacher for english at Penn State University. Later she taught in adult education before returning to higher education as an editor for books.