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text který se navhází v glogu

Jerry AKA Chicken Man

Of the wing characters

Sammy the dog

Paul and Michael

Victor AKA gamer

Jerry is a strange man. Everybody thinks that Jerry steals dogs. His brother died about a year ago. He saved a chicken after it had been sliced by a hawk.Every month he takes Schooner the beagle named Moon Doggy.

Clair aka Bird Girl

Claire is a girl who loves birds. Everyday she wears a sweat shirt with a bird on them. On that day that bird comes. She just moved to a new school and people make fun of her for her intrest in birds. She has white hair and yellow eyes.

Sammy is a dog and it got hit by the chicken man because Sammy tried to get Beckey.

Victor loves to play video games. He is Claires onley best friend

Billy is a bully! He is mean to Claire.He makes fun of Claire.He makes fun of Caires interest in birds.

Of the wing By:Georgia Anne Butler