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My favoritre part is When Stanley hopped in the water truck and started to drive it away but he wrecked it into a hole. So then he fell out and ran. Now he is still walking and he saw a family of yellow sptted lizards in a hole so Stanley ran and he is still walking and he think's he found God's thumb.

Louis Sachar

Holes Characters Are: Caveman [ Stanley ] Zero [ Hector ] Squid [ Alan ] X-Ray [ Ray ] Magnet [ Jose ] Armpit [ Theodore ] Zigzag [ Ricky ] Mr.Pendanski Mr.Sir and The Warden.


Why that is my favorite part is because I really like cool and exciting parts and that is a cool and exciting.

My favorite Character is Zero. Because I think the nickname Zero is cool and he is really interesting to learn about.

I really like this book because it is cool and I have fun reading it.

By: Elexis