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text který se navhází v glogu

Sammy: Sammy is Claire's dog. He is a sheepdog. He is black and white. Sammy is very loyal to Claire.

Claire: is a 11 year old girl, who is a little different than most 11 year old girls. She has golden colored eyes, she is extra tall, her skin color is white and she has white hair. She loves birds. Everyday she wears something with a bird on it and everyday she sees that bird.

Of The Wing

This books main characters so far are Claire, Sammy,and Jerry.

By: Georgia Anne Butler

Jerry: Jerry is an old man[70]. He looks as if he hasn't taken a bath in quite some time. Once he hurt Sammy. We are not happy about it! Overall Jerry is a weird man!!

By: Suzy and Jamin