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Without Oscar I am MISERABLE ! He made thebiggest mistake of his life I'm not myself any more ! :(

Please Oscar I miss you so much I cry myself to sleep every night becuz of you please come back I can't live without you ! :( I MISS YOU SO MUCH (SIGH)

Dear Oscar I can't believe you would think that I was mad at you just becuz you were hugging your friends when I wasn't becuz I was usually talking to Samone or Sam. Maybe there was a day that I was standing there waiting for you to come stand next to me and the sun was gazing down on me and I was squinting. You should have just askedif anything was wrong and I would have told you. Without you in my life my life is incomplete I need you and I miss you i feels like apart of me just died when it didn't and then without you in my life it feels like you are dead and that I have just lost you forever so now you know how I feel. :(