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Red Pandas by: Maddie T.

Behavioral Adapatations: The red panda is nocturnal because they conserve energy in the day by sleeping in tall trees. A red panda uses its tail when it is sleeping and wraps it around its face.

Structural Adaptations: Red pandas use their furry tails like a blanket whe thy are high up in the cold mountains. They also use their tails to balance when they are on trees. They use their big jaws to chew tough bamboo

Classification: Red pandas are consumers because they hunt for their own food. Red pandas are omnivores. They usually eat bamboo, eggs, birds, insects, small animals, leaves and berries.

Habitat: Sometimes red pandas live up in the mountains of China or in the forests. Most of them are kept in zoos. They like to live in cool, temperate forests.

Extra Facts: Red pandas are endagered because people are cutting down forests. Red pandas can be called fire fox, bear cod, wah, woker. They were first dicovered in 1821



Baby Red Panda Twins


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