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text který se navhází v glogu

John keats

George Higgins

Nuria Guerrero

Reading : I can understand a graded reader, more or less . I can use different strategies given in class for reading texts. Listening: I can follow video clips. I can use different strategies given in class for listenings. Speaking: I can use correct pronunciation and intonation. And I can make a poster

Pablo J. Ruiz Fernández

Thanks to the work of reading and listening that we have done, I have learned to pronounce better the words I didn't know and to understand a bit more the listening.

Laura Guerrero Ochando

I didn't hace any trouble with the project except looking for the pictures, as there are not many non-copyrighted pictures on the internet but in the end I was happy with the result.

In this project my part consisted of looking for images and music but it was a bit difficult. The rest of my classmates recorded the audio and edited the video. And in the end we had a great result.