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Nathaniel's Civil War poster

Civil War Note Im in the middle off the battle and im lucky im still alive and we are winning the battle. I no that we are going to end slavery, i just no it . well i better let you go its my night tonight to be a watch gaurd. love, Nathaniel Stinson

Dear Mom, im sorry that i did not write to you last week because Ulysses S. Grant had me on the front lines last week. where winning the battle and i hope we end slavery. I think Ulysses is calling my name so i half to let you go. I'll write next week. love, Nathaniel Stinson

Wow, who knew there would be so many activaties. im playing one right now i forget what there called but i no that it is a fun game o tell laney that i will make her this game when i get back from the war. I miss the family and tell every one that I miss them and love them. I got to go. love, Nathaniel Stinson



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