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Growing up, you have probably heard that illicit drugs can have a negative impact on your health. Do you know how specific drugs affect your brain? Or the way that a drug can impair your judgment and affect your personality?

paddictive. Hallucinations, delusional thinking and bizarre behaviour can occur after a single-use or after regular use. Changes what a person hears, tastes, feels and smells - accidental deaths have occurred as a result (for example, believing one can fly). Physical effects include numbness, increased blood pressure, dizziness, chills, nausea and more. Short-term effects are unpredictable; nausea and vomiting, extreme mood swings, varied sense of gravity, difficulty concentrating, impaired judgement and altered memory. Long-term effects: psychosis, depression, paranoia, flashbacks. Get oster yourself

THIS IS A TRUE STORY OF A VICTOM THAT TOOK LSD. As a teen,i know that atleast once someone has wanted to try drugs. And normally ends up on a regular basis doing them. Ive been telling myself ever since i was five years old that im not gonna smoke or do any drugs of any sort. Now that im almost sixteen, i feel the urges to even try it. I wanna smoke cigars, for some reason.Its just something i've been thinking about for awhile. Every one i know atleast smokes.. And i've just wanted to try, and look "cool". But i know that its wrong, and i dont wanna do it! I always get asked if i want a smoke, and i take them. But i dont smoke them. I just dont understand what i should do. I know that i'm not going to, because ive experienced my brother go through drugs ever since grade 8... He said the same thing as me. And i dont want to turn out like him

THIS IS ANOTHER VICTOM WHO TOOK LSD. I Know drugs Are a choice that ruin your life. And they are terrifying when i think about it! I have read the what to say if your offered them or somthing. i belive i am strong and i will never do drugs, I Can barely breathe when i walk past people smoking. I Was just wondering because my brother does some drugs and my parents CARE! but they arnt anymore becuase he is 18 and he makes his own decisions now. But he is my brother and sometimes when i think about it he hasn't always made the best decisions but he isnt stupid! he has a real hockey talent and it scares me to think "What if somthing happens to him?". I Wonder what will happen to my family!? I never want to put them through stress and frustration NEVER I love my parents and who wants their kids to die? I Just wanna be sober FOR Most of my Life i will deffently NEVER pick one up after what i see people when they do drugs. Its horrible....

HERES ANOTHER VICTOM WHO TOOK LSD. Got interested in trying marijuana, and what better day to start then 4-20? Everyone else was doing it? Stupid mistake. I took 9 suicide tokes from the pipe, but I didn't feel stoned. And then it hit me. Tunnel vision, treadmill-walking, rushes and fear I have never felt before in my life. Then finally someone decides to ask if I've ever smoked before and my closest reply was "I thought so"... I thought I was going to die. But I never wanted to do it again. This promise to myself only lasted as long as 2 weeks. I had smoked again, but couldn't tell you what happened. There had been too many times since then, but I can tell you my first 50 times smoking weren't the best times ever. I remember repeatedly getting motion-sickness and I've actually ran out of class and thrown up. Not to mention my alcohol intake was already over-bearing and I was only 14. I swear I had become almost addicted to smoking weed, because I remember needing it, and doing anything to get it. I would steal money from my parents just to buy a gram to smoke at lunch with my friends. I would bike 20k to get into town in the summer just to get drunk or high with "friends". Then the new school year started, again. Only this time, there was a new friend added to the picture. She brought around something I wish I would have never tried before in my life.... Ecstasy. 1 pill a week turned into 2 pills a week, progressively turned into 2 pills in a day then turned into 3, 4, 5, 6, 14. Then to mixing with weed and then to alcohol. Then E turned into speed, then into trying to find any other possible way to take the pills because my stomach was so disoriented from putting so much chemicals into them I couldn't hold anything down. Now I had ended up loosing rapids amount of weight because E and speed makes you loose your appetite. I had lost 40 pounds of muscle in a matter of 6 months. I was down to 97 lbs. I started experimenting with more drugs. I then tried cocaine (even though I had tried it before then, but nobody knew that), and it eventually led into smoking crack for my first time. Then my second, then my third. My last drugs taken were taken in a 4 day period... I last took marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and possibly speed but I can't really remember the rest of that weekend. And I told myself after that weekend that I was 18 now, I had to stop doing drugs and grow up. I haven't touched any drug since then, and I am going on 5 months sober in about 2 weeks, which is the longest I have been drug free since I started. I am proud of myself and want to keep it up. Its like my own personal goal and I feel better about it each month that goes by. Point being though, drugs are not something that anybody should try. It ruins friends, families, and most importantly yourself. I have broken friendships by peer-pressuring friends to try the drugs I was taking so I wouldn't be alone, and to this day some of them are still using. I broke my family and lost my child. And I still suffer from insomnia and depression. And life still rolls on...........



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